Call for paper

Marginalized Meanings of Democracy in the World

Democratic Theory hopes to publish two special issues on themarginalized meanings of democracy in the world in its 8th volume, 2nd issue, of Winter (Northern) 2021 and its 9th volume, 1st issue, of Summer (Northern) 2022.The latter issue will be advanced in the calendar so that it will be published slightly after the former.Considering the requirements of first editorial review, with the possibility of revisions, then external peer-review, with the possibility of furtherrevisions, we ask that:

(1) 150-word abstractsbe sent to the editors (below) by December 15, 2020. The editors will read, discuss, and maythereafterinvite authors to submit full articles.

(2)The full articlesinvitedare to be submittedby April 1st, 2021, for initial reading by the editors. Articles may be returned to author(s) for revision prior to formal, external, peer-review.

(3) External peer-reviewand therequired revision of articles is to be completed by July 15, 2021, or as possible thereafter in the case of major revisions with a resubmission requirement.Any paper that passes peer-review,but misses the deadline for the special issues,will be slated for publication in a later volume.

Contact:Please send correspondence (i.e. questions, comments, thoughts) to both Jean-Paul Gagnon ( and Alexander Weiss (

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