Call for paper

Call for papers 'After Globalization - The Future of World Society' / World Society Foundation (WSF) 2022 Conference:

Over 40 years, from its 'world observatory' in Switzerland, the WSF has supported globally oriented scholars from all over the world, especially from the Global South, to conduct research into topics of global reach and importance. We are looking back to the organisation of 10 international Conferences with over 600 participants and the publication of 10 volumes in the World Society Series.



Now, in the fortieth year of its existence, the WSF wants to bring the discussion on the groundbreaking notion 'world society' to an advanced level, in the context of analyses of the ongoing transformative processes shaping the future of world society.

Therefore, we have launched a Call for Papers for an online conference and a on-the-spot meeting in Zurich, where an award of excellence will be given to the best paper submitted.

Please submit your paper abstract until OCTOBER 30, 2021.