5th edition of the “Coupe des instituts suisses de science politique” - Lausanne

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th edition of the “Coupe des instituts suisses de science politique” (the annual football tournament of swiss-based political scientists), on Friday, 28th June 2019. As you all know, the last edition (ZURICH 2018) has been won by the IEPHI Lausanne and therefore, the 2019 edition will take place at the University of Lausanne in front of the unique and beautiful Leman Lake. Please, consult the attached PDF for detailed information about the tournament.

We really encourage you to register for the tournament and motivate your colleagues to form a team (P.S: Football skills are not a prerequisite). 

Feel free to circulate this invitation within your department or to any other colleagues from other universities in Switzerland.

To register a team, please send an e-mail to roberto.dicapua@unil.ch  / alain.eloka@unil.ch by 30th April 2019 (Deadline).