24th Swiss Summer School in Social Science Methods 2020 (Lugano August 14-28)

Organized jointly the University of Lugano and FORS, the Summer School in Social Science Methods, offers a series of workshops in both quantitative and qualitative methods for researchers, students and practitioners motivated to improve and deepen their methodological skills and knowledge. The focus of all workshops is on practical applications.

This year the following topics will be taught (12 full-week workshops): Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Quantitative Methods for Social Scientists, Case Studies,  Content Analysis and Natural Language Processing,  Multilevel Analysis, Designing Your (Academic) Future, Introduction to panel methods, Qualitative Interviewing, Evaluation Methods, Panel data analysis using the Swiss Household Panel as an example, Discourse Theory and Analysis, Survey Methods and Questionnaire Design.

Information and Registration: please go to   https://www.usi.ch/methodssummerschool