Call for Papers: «Rule of Law and Rechtsstaat under Pressure»

Abstracts to this call for papers may be submitted in English by February 17th 2023 to the Journal

Current diagnoses on the state of democracies point to a particular weak point, which is evident in deficits in the development of the rule of law or Rechtsstaat. In many states, the rule of law is under pressure; it is being questioned, dismantled or instrumentalised, especially in so-called il-liberal democracies. Populist movements and governments question the fundamental checks and balances of the liberal constitutional order. Developments towards "illiberal democracy" show that this nexus between democracy and the rule of law/Rechtsstaat cannot be taken for granted. Yet despite the importance of the rule of law for democracy, many studies on the transformation of democracy largely leave this area out. The lack of systematic comparative studies on the rule of law is hardly understandable, as it is intrinsically linked to democracy. The aim of the planned special issue is therefore to close this research gap and, in doing so, to focus on a number of relevant issues.

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