The SPSA Annual Conference 2020
will take place at University of Lucerne
from 3rd until 4th February

The SPSA Annual Conference 2020

Guiding Theme 2020

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Conference Program 2019

Monday, 3rd February

  • Plenary meeting
  • Conference Dinner

3rd - 4th February:
Forum «Swiss Political Science»

  • Forum Young Scholars
  • Presentation of MA Programs in Political Science
  • Workshops




Keynote Speech

The de- and re-nationalization of political conflicts in a digital age

The digital transformation has traditionally been understood as a facilitator of processes of globalization: the digital knows no borders. Recently and somewhat paradoxically, digitalization seems to facilitate the rise of particularistic identities and interests, as well. For example, it could be argued that digitalization, as the herald of financial and economic globalization and the transformation of industrial into informational societies, has contributed to the revitalization of nationalism. This conference seeks to explore the tension between the border-transcending and border-reinforcing tendencies in the process of digitalization.