Postdoc in «Climate Federalism» / University of Bern

The Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, together with the Institute of Public Law and the Institute of Political Science, University of Bern, Switzerland invites applications for the following position opening September 1, 2023, or upon agreement.

Federalist states bear different challenges and advantages when it comes to tackling climate change-related issues, be it mitigation or adaptation. Sub-national entities can serve as “laboratories” and “best practices”, and innovative solutions can be tested before they are vertically and horizontally diffused. However, without the necessary safeguards in place, such as a clear legal mandate and resources, responsibilities risk being shifted across levels, without significant action being taken. In this context, the question arises what criteria related to federalism (e.g., institutional frameworks, legal principles, nature, and forms of cooperation versus competition, role and competencies of certain actors and organizations) either facilitate or impede progress toward more effective climate policy and law in Switzerland.

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