Young Scholar Forum 2022

3 February 2022 / 12:00 – 13:30 – Room : TBC

The Young Scholar’s Forum of the Swiss Political Science Association is a platform where we address topics and issues that are of particular relevance to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

In previous years, the Forum focused on issues closely related to young scholars’ career prospects such as making one’s research visible for non-academic audiences or getting published. In 2021, we addressed questions pertaining to mental health, work-life-balance and self-care that are just as important as climbing the academic ladder. This year, we would like to draw attention to the question of which career path to take after completion of a PhD in political science.

Event: What’s next? Career prospects outside academia

This event on possible non-academic career paths available to people with a PhD in political science is targeted at (advanced) PhD students and post-Doctoral researchers.

Not only because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientific careers but also because of the precarious working conditions within academia, a growing number of PhD students and early-career researchers are looking into careers outside of academia. Thousands of jobs in the university sector could be lost over the next couple of years and in July 2020, Nature reported of a seismic readjustment in scientific careers. 

Despite these developments, PhD holders remain highly employable and our aim is to offer information about interesting alternatives to academic pathways and provide practical tips on how to find non-academic jobs. To this purpose we have a panel with three alumni who successfully transitioned into the non-academic market and a career consultant specializing in accompanying this transition. They will share their personal and professional experiences and give us some insights into how to exit academia. Young scholars will also have the opportunity to ask questions


  • Verity Elston, Head of Careers Advice for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Lausanne
  • Jeremias Blaser, Secretary General of the Directorate of Housing, Environment and Architecture at the City of Lausanne
  • Céline Colombo, Project Manager ‘Citizen Participation’ at the Canton of Zurich
  • Nina Eggert, Advisor for Institutional Relations at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
  • Nino Landerer, Head of Capital Markets and Infrastructure Unit at the Federal Department of Finance

Organization and moderation:

Nadja Mosimann, University of Zurich, and Anna-Lena Nadler, University of Geneva