MOSAiCH 2025 SURVEY: Call for Question Contributions

Scholars are invited to propose questions for the second part of the MOSAiCH 2025 survey with a thematic focus on Work. Questions from successful proposals will be fielded in spring 2025. The deadline for submissions is Monday April 22nd 2024.

MOSAiCH is an annual cross-sectional survey program that examines the attitudes, values, and behaviours of the Swiss population towards a broad range of social issues (see The first part of the survey includes the current module of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), along with socio-demographic questions. The content of the second part of MOSAiCH is defined through calls for question contributions. Through these calls, FORS offers researchers a unique opportunity to collect representative data in Switzerland on relevant societal issues at no cost.
The MOSAiCH surveys are self-administered (web/paper) and based on a random sample of adults residing in Switzerland drawn from the register of the National Statistical Office. The second part of the survey, sent to the respondents of the first part, seeks to achieve a final sample of at least 1,000 interviews.

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