International Political Sociology


Prof. Anna Leander


Dr. Rahel Kunz


Dr. Matthias Leese

International Political Sociology (IPS) is a rapidly growing field of research in International Relations and Political Science. IPS draws on reflexive frameworks of politics to analyse contemporary transformations of social, political, economic and global orders. Standing at the intersection between international relations, political theory and critical sociology, it provides distinct analytical frameworks and enables distinct empirical research strategies that differ both from traditional sociologies and rationalist political science.

Within the Swiss Political Science Association, the aims of the Working Group on International Political Sociology (IPS WG) are threefold.
First, the IPS WG provides a platform for presentation and debate of research in the increasingly popular theoretical and epistemological tradition of IPS. As a national platform, the Working Group is particularly useful for fostering collaboration and exchange between Swiss and Switzerland-based scholars working in the field of IPS.

Second, the IPS Working Group supports the development of junior scholars working in this tradition. By bringing junior, advanced and senior scholars together, the Working Group allows prospective researchers to connect with more experienced scholars, with other Swiss universities, and with the international IPS networks brought into the Working Group by its supporters.

Third, the IPS Working Group fosters closer and more regular exchange between scholars working in IPS and colleagues working in other fields in political science in Switzerland and beyond. The institutionalisation of IPS within the Swiss Political Science Association serves to promote dialogue and interaction across the various specialised fields of the academic profession.