MA in in European Studies University of Fribourg

The European Studies programme in Fribourg is characterised by a friendly atmosphere and an intercultural and multilingual context. The trilingual teaching programme at Switzerland's only Franco-German university is unique in Switzerland.

The MA programme in European Studies provides an interdisciplinary perspective on Europe and the European Union. The course programme integrates lectures and seminars from the humanities and social sciences and spans the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, Law, Economics, Contemporary History and Comparative Literature. The basic modules examine the EU's legal and economic system and focus on Europe as a cultural and political space. In terms of content, the Master's programme is dedicated to the European integration process since the end of the Second World War and deals with its current and future challenges. In addition, students receive in-depth training in social science research methods. Thanks to the broad, modular organisation and an optional specialisation programme, students can define their own interdisciplinary priorities.

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