Young Scholar Forum 2024

Young Scholar Forum 2024



Overcoming the blank page: How to structure an effective writing process 


Academic writing requires an effective planning to produce timely and impactful research. This may pose some challenges to young researchers. In the 2024 edition of the Young Scholar Forum, we will discuss how to manage the writing process with the help and expertise of Prof. Dr. Sungmin Rho, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Geneva Graduate Institute. 

During the event, we will answer some of the most pressing questions on the issue: What is the best way to establish a good writing routine? How to avoid being stuck in the writing process? What are individual and collective strategies to efficiently manage the writing process ?

This event aims at providing a platform for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to learn, share, and discuss tips and strategies for a productive approach to academic writing.


Date and time: 


8th February 2024, 12am-1pm, Room Gallus (Square), Guisanstrasse 20, 9010 St. Gallen



Leopoldo Biffi, PhD student, Geneva Graduate Institute. Email: leopoldo.biffi@graduateinstitute·ch
Alessia Setti, PhD student, Université de Lausanne. Email: alessia.setti@unil·ch




About the Young Scholar Forum (YSF)


The Young Scholar Forum of the Swiss Political Science Association is a platform where we address topics and issues that are of particular relevance to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Over the past years, the Forum has focused on different issues, such as young scholars' career prospects both within and outside academia, but also mental health and the role of social media in political science research.