Master of Arts in International Affairs and Governance / University St. Gallen

The Master’s Programme in International Affairs and Governance (MIA) is designed for students who seek to contribute to effective and sustainable solutions for today’s transnational challenges. MIA graduates are trained as flexible generalists and know how to integrate specialist knowledge to address political, economic and social problems. Combining interdisciplinary study with a results-oriented approach, the MIA programme prepares graduates for working across borders, disciplines and sectors.

Our students acquire knowledge of advanced core areas in business, economics, law and political science. They develop strong skills to apply adequate methods in tackling academic or policy problems in International Affairs. They know how to contextualise information to make sound decisions. And they can convincingly communicate their insights and expertise with relevant stakeholders.

The MIA is aimed at ambitious and entrepreneurial students who are interested not only in a rigorous, research-based university education in International Affairs, but also in the world of practice. MIA students assume responsibility and are willing to actively contribute to the economy, society and politics.