Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA)
Annual Congress 2024

Democratic Politics and its Study in the Age of Upheaval

Democracies face numerous challenges. Russia’s attack on the Ukraine has brought war back to Europe. The Covid-19 pandemic has divided societies. The rise of inflation has pushed monetary systems to the point of breakdown. Populist parties have arrived in the middle of our societies. The 21st century has brought a powerful tide of political and economic shocks to democratic societies. At the same time, the green energy transition is gaining momentum, in Europe and beyond. Most democracies have proven resilient to autocratic temptations. And Switzerland has remained the epitome of political stability. What holds the future for democracy?

Meeting at the beginning of a year that will see major elections across all continents (e.g., USA, the European Parliament, India, Russia, and 21 African states, including Egypt and South Africa), the 2024 annual conference of the Swiss Political Science Association will bring together leading researchers to discuss this question and more.